We make software that enables easier, more powerful social communication. Our platform for authenticated messaging and sharing with Twitter was launched in March 2011 and we rolled out our first product, Twitgram, in July 2011. We currently have three products in private beta on the platform targeting business marketers, customer service teams, and individuals & bloggers. Of course, all our products are easy to use and work together beautifully.

The Umagram platform delivers messages on Twitter via "@mentions" containing unique URLs for Umagram conversations and also distributes targeted content to followers or any Twitter list, allowing access only to those intended with Twitter authentication. After that, there is a whole world of innovative tools that we are building to take advantage of this authenticated sharing:

Twitgram: Connect and share with anyone on Twitter. Friends, families & groups, entrepreneurs, networkers, and business teams use Twitgram for outreach and private conversations—just a half-step off of Twitter.

Twitpages: Deliver coupons, offers, and your brand content over Twitter. Local and global businesses use Twitpages to grow their Twitter audience and their customer base.

Twitcare: Resolve customer issues and generate satisfaction with Twitter. Businesses and enterprises use Twitcare to make their first customer @replies personal solutions.

Scrippo: Reach and grow your influence and audience with content targeted to your Twitter followers and lists. Individuals and professionals use Scrippo to make blogs, interviews, newsletters, and live blogging easier and more profitable.